Brewed On The Borderland by 42 North

Mar 21, 2019 • Highlights
Brewed On The Borderland by 42 North

At this year's Borderland Fest 42 North will be featuring a new beer that was brewed at last year's festival during our onsite brewing demo. This beer was made using traditional brewing techniques involving a coolship, which is a shallow stainless steel vessel used to cool the wort (unfermented beer) for several hours.

The beer was brewed onsite during Saturday's festivities and transferred into the coolship which allowed the slow ambient cooling process and natural micro flora found in the air to inoculate the wort. On Sunday the wort was transferred into an oak chardonnay barrel to age over the next year. The finished product is a complex sour ale that was created in part by the microorganisms that naturally exist in the festive air at Knox Farm State Park.

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