At Borderland Music + Arts Festival, we are pleased to announce that we are taking great strides towards becoming a zero-waste festival with the help of Waste-Free Earth. We plan to divert as much waste away from the landfill and into composting and recycling initiatives as possible, throughout the whole weekend on Knox Farm. Everything from our food vendors and bars will be served in 100% compostable flatware. That’s right, even the forks and cups that feel and look like plastic are actually compostable! We are also thrilled to say that we will be single-use plastic bottle free! We will have plenty of FREE water refill stations scattered throughout the festival so you can stay hydrated.

Educating and inspiring our attendees about sustainability is a huge part of Borderland. We plan to have our very own Sustainability Booth inside the venue where all attendees are encouraged to come up and learn about all the sustainability initiatives we have in place at Borderland and also join in on the earth friendly fun! We will have micro-trash sweeping and carpooling contests, where you have a chance to win awesome prizes from our sponsors. You will also be able to sign our plastic pledge, write letters to your state representatives to take stronger actions on plastic pollution and regulations, and so much more! We can’t wait to show you what sustainability is all about at Borderland!

Want to be apart of our rockstar team of Green Team volunteers? Please fill out our volunteer application and state that you would like to be on the Green Team! You will be in charge of educating attendees on what is compostable, recyclable and landfill items, a vital part of making the festival zero-waste. Along with sweeping the grounds and pulling the waste-bins once they are full (kind of like when you need to take the trash out at home.) Easy peasy!

About our partner, Waste-Free Earth:

Waste-Free Earth is a full-service sustainability consulting company within the special events industry, primarily music festivals. They specialize in onsite sustainability coordination and consulting strategies to integrate more comprehensive sustainability programs at events. Waste-Free Earth proudly averages a 70-90% diversion rate at most of the festivals where they lead the sustainability efforts, even with camping. In 2017, Waste-Free Earth diverted over 250,000 pounds of waste away from the landfill and into composting, recycling and donation initiatives. Saving thousands of pounds of Methane from being emitted into the atmosphere, which is 23 times more potent than Carbon Dioxide. Although a solid diversion rate is important, they believe reducing ALL waste is the ultimate goal. For that reason alone, they try to eliminate waste from ever getting produced and incorporating reusables at the events, or down-right banning certain products, like all single-use plastics. We are thrilled to have Waste-Free Earth heading up our sustainability programs for Borderland 2018!

Volunteering Questions: Email