Borderland Sustainability

GOAL​: This year, Borderland has teamed up with Waste Free Earth to create a ​Zero Waste music festival. Our goal is to transition into a completely sustainable event by fostering a culture of environmentalism and waste mitigation with the help of our partners at Waste Free Earth.


Waste Free Earth is a Vermont-based sustainability consulting and lifestyle brand specializing in event waste diversion and management. WFE is on an overall mission to create long-lasting systems that seamlessly engage individuals, businesses and special events to incorporate reusable products within their daily operations. They specialize in onsite sustainability coordination and consulting strategies to integrate more comprehensive waste reduction programs at events.

Waste Free Earth proudly averages an 80% diversion rate at festivals. In 2017, Waste Free Earth diverted over 250,000 pounds of waste away from the landfill and into composting, recycling and donation initiatives. They try to eliminate upstream waste by incorporating reusables at events and banning single use plastics. We are thrilled to have Waste Free Earth back for the second year in a row in heading up our sustainability programs for Borderland. Make sure to say hello to them at the Borderland Sustainability Booth!

Check our their website below:



1. 100% Plastic Free

Borderland is actively trying to reduce our plastic footprint. We have banned the sale of all single use bottles. Instead, food vendors sell drinks that come in compostable cups or aluminum cans. ​Borderland will have FREE Water Stations around the festival site for fans to re-fill and hydrate all weekend sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of WNY.

Borderland has partnered with REVERB (​​)​ ​to create custom festival Nalgene water bottles to sell for fans to use throughout the weekend at the free water stations. Water Bottles will cost $15 and all the proceeds of these water bottles will go to Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper and to support REVERB’s efforts.


2. EcoLAND

This year Borderland Festival will be gathering several sustainability champions and advocates to join us in the EcoLAND. The EcoLAND will be an immersive experience where festival go-ers can work with hands on activations and art projects regarding plastic pollution as well as visit all the sustainability tables and learn more about all their amazing efforts and projects.

  • Waste Free Earth co-hosting with Plastic Pollution Coalition and REVERB

  • Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper ​(rain barrel project)

  • WNY Sustainable Business Roundtable

  • ACES co-hosting with Citizens Climate Lobby

  • Blue Rock Solar

  • Erie County


3. Composting

Borderland requires all food vendors and bars to serve only on 100% compostable products. That means no food can be wrapped in aluminum foil or plastic. Instead, the compostable products will be trucked down to Farmer Pirates in Buffalo, NY where it's composted and turned into soil that will then be sold to the local community. Rest assured knowing that your waste is literally going to be helping grow plants in the Buffalo area next spring

4. ​BIKES!!

We will have a designated area for fans to bike to the festival and we highly encourage biking, carpooling and ride shares!

5. Sustainability Stats

  • In 2018, Borderland achieved a diversion rate of 82%.

  • In total, over 6,205 pounds were diverted away from the landfill and into composting, recycling and food donation programs.

  • In 2018, Borderland composted over 3,500 pounds of compostable materials through Farmer Pirates in Buffalo, NY.

  • Only 1,350 pounds were sent to the landfill.

  • In 2018, over 100 attendees signed a plastic pledge, picked up micro-trash, or wrote a postcard to their state senator asking them to take a stronger stance on plastic pollution.

6. Volunteer on the Green Team!

Want to help make Borderland a Waste Free Event? We are looking for Green Team volunteers to help educate the crowd and divert waste away from the landfill. We would love to have you join the team, please click the link below to fill out the volunteer application.

Our motto is LEAVE NO TRACE. We want to leave the Park cleaner than when we came!

Volunteering Questions: Email